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STERF release 2017 Yearbook

Report on research into pests, water, winter stress and multifunctionality

3rd May 2018

  • Research and Development Yearbook outlines STERF’s programme
  • R&D focused on four thematic areas
  • Report on research into pests, water, winter stress and multifunctionality

The Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation (STERF) has released its ‘Research and Development Yearbook 2017’.  This reports on the research being undertaken across Scandinavia into global issues such as water management and multifunctional use of golf facilities, and pesticide, fertiliser and winter stress which have more regional relevance.

STERF is collaborating with the Norwegian government and its environmental authorities to investigate the fate of pesticides, leaching and runoff, from golf courses.  This project is aligned with the Norwegian government’s ‘Action Plan for More Sustainable Use of Pesticides 2016-2020’, and has received match funding from the government.

Seven new projects starting in 2017 have received a total of £660,000 of funding from STERF, with an additional £531,000 from other sources, for four years.  All of the new projects are presented in the Yearbook.  STERF has an excellent funding model for golf R&D, with the Nordic Golf Federations (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) providing much of the funding, but government and commercial companies also contribute to specific projects.

Key to STERF’s work is the dissemination of research findings.  2017 saw STERF host seminars on winter stress management of turfgrass and the possibilities and challenges of providing multifunctional landscapes.  In addition to this, a new handbook on winter stress management was added to the library on the STERF website and a survey on multifunctional activities on Nordic golf facilities was undertaken.  A report on the survey is also available on the STERF website.

The 2017 Yearbook, and all of the other annual reports from STERF are available here.