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BIGGA take greenkeeping to golfers

New publication targets golfer education.

26th March 2018
Managing personnel
Chris Wood with James Braithwaite, Course Manager at Long Ashton Golf Club.  
The British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) published the first issue of ‘Your Course’ in January.  This magazine is targeted at golfers, informing them of the work that greenkeeping teams put into the preparation of the golf course.  The hope is that golfers will gain a greater appreciation of all of the hard work and expertise that mostly goes unseen and will show more understanding of the challenges that face course managers.

Your Course is a twice-yearly magazine which features in-depth features and discussion pieces that explain various aspects of golf course management, and what it takes to be a successful greenkeeper.  Copies of the magazine are distributed to every golf club in the UK thanks to support from BIGGA’s media partners at Sports Publications, which produces National Club Golfer.

The first issue, Spring 2018, features a conversation with Ryder Cup player and three times European Tour winner, Chris Wood, who did work experience as a teenager with the greenkeepers at his home club, Long Ashton.

Greenkeepers are passionate about what they do and are committed to delivering the best product they can, within the bounds of what they are given to work with.  The R&A has long recognised the breadth of skills and talent within the greenkeeping profession and there is no one in golf that cares more about the condition of the golf course than the greenkeeper.  This recognition is reflected in our greenkeeping scholarship programme and in our publication, ‘How you can help care for your course’ . Hopefully, most golfers will want to know more about how the course they play on is prepared and a read of ‘Your Course’ would be a good place to start.

A digital version of the magazine can be downloaded from the BIGGA Resources Library here.