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STERF – 10 years of exceptional progress

Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation publishes its Annual Report.

STERF – 10 years of exceptional progress  
The 2016 Yearbook outlines STERF’s objectives and its achievements over the past 10 years.  It details some of the important events in 2016 such as the creation of five language subsites on the STERF website www.sterf.org and development of a new digital library on winter stress management.

STERF has prioritised research and development within four international thematic areas: ‘Integrated Pest Management‘, ‘Sustainable water management‘, ‘Winter stress management‘ and ‘Multifunctional golf facilities’.  These are of interest to a much wider golf community than just the Nordic countries and the outcomes of STERF’s work in these areas will be applicable beyond Scandinavia.

The Annual Report goes on to outline 17 projects being carried out under these four areas.  These include turfgrass species, varieties, seed blends and mixtures for integrated pest management of Scandinavian putting greens, optimal application of nitrogen and sulphur in autumn for better winter survival of perennial grasses, fairy rings and thatch collapse, and the effect of fertiliser type, silicon and copper on turf quality and microdochium infection on Poa annua putting green.

The research themes outlined in the Annual Report will be discussed at the STERF Turfgrass Field Day, 21 June 2017 to be held at NIBIO Landvik, Norway.  A seminar on winter stress management of turf grass will be held at Oslo Airport on 9-10 November 2017.  Further details of both events can be found on STERF’s website www.sterf.org.

STERF’s Annual Report 2016 can be read here.