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Spanish federation assesses ball roll on greens at Centro Nacional

Latest study uses Parrymeter™ to measure putting surface quality.

15th September 2016
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The Centro Nacional de Golf in Madrid is accessible to the public and playing quality is a priority for its management team.  
The Green Section of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG), in collaboration with the Spanish Greenkeepers Association (AEdG), tries to carry out one or two research projects every year. The aim of these projects is to help the greenkeeper’s decision-making processes by assessing the impact of cultural practice (coring, grooming, brushing, topdressing, rolling, fertiliser, etc.) on the year-round playing quality of the putting surfaces at the headquarters of the Federation, the Centro Nacional de Golf in Madrid.

Previous projects to assess the reliability and firmness of the greens at the Centro Nacional de Golf have been reported on this website.  The latest study available here investigates the impact of weather, cultural practices, golf traffic and disease on the ball roll to putting surfaces, using the Parrymeter™ to measure vertical and lateral deviation.  The main objective of these projects is to provide good information with which to train professionals to implement daily course maintenance in order to increase both course quality and players satisfaction.

This study was carried out by Eloy Barranco Cruz, an RFEG Green Section Scholar and an R&A Greenkeeping Scholar.