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R&A presents at BTME 2015

Staging The Open is BIGGA Members’ Choice.

24th November 2014
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BTME always attracts large crowds of greenkeepers committed to furthering their education.  

The BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition is Europe's leading showcase for turf professionals and buyers, and an unmissable opportunity for greenkeepers to further their education and development through the Continue to Learn programme.

Continue to Learn runs from Sunday 18 through Wednesday 21 January 2015 and will feature well over 200 hours of education.  An hour of the programme this year, starting at 10.35 am on Tuesday 20, will consider what it takes to stage The Open.  Michael Wells, Director – Championship Staging at The R&A, together with Richard Windows, Agronomy Manager at STRI, will cover all aspects of hosting the world’s oldest major.  This will include a look behind the scenes at the preparations that are necessary for competitors, spectators and media on and off course in order to present this highlight of the sporting calendar to a massive global television audience.

Last year's exhibition saw nearly 9,000 turf managers, golf club owners, managers and industry decision-makers pack into the Harrogate International Centre.