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Flag dancing bear cub entertains golfers!

15th September 2014
Working with nature
The flag dancing bear cub shows his moves.  

A large part of the pleasure of the sport of golf is being in the great outdoors and experiencing the joys of nature.  Usually, this is limited to witnessing the changing colours of the trees and blossoms or the flash of colour or sound of bird call as they search for food.  A group of Canadian golfers had an altogether more entertaining encounter with nature when a troupe of black bear cubs decided to join their round.

The golfers were at the Fairmont Hot Springs resort in Kootenay, in the Rockies region of British Columbia, when they came upon the cubs wandering around the green they had just played to.  One extrovert cub used the flag stick on the hole to scratch an itch and, after a few minutes playing with the flag, the cub stole one of the balls on the green.

Luckily all of this was captured on video, equally fortunate was the fact that the cub’s mother was nowhere to be seen.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube, it has been viewed more than 1,500,000 times!