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Golf contributes £3.4 billion to the economy of England

New report highlights the economic impact of golf.

19th August 2014
Generating income
Golf and golfers significantly contribute to the English economy.  

A new report prepared by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc, on behalf of the England Golf Partnership, outlines the economic impact of golf on the economy of England in 2011/2012.  It records that golf made a total economic contribution to the English economy of £3.36 billion, which nearly covers the annual spend on NHS dentistry in England in 2012 (£3.7 billion).

Golf facilities provided a direct contribution of £1.88 billion to this figure, golf equipment and supplies £836 million and golf tourism £109 million.  SMS Inc calculates that the game of golf in England generates £61to the national economy for every man, woman and child in the country, in addition to offering employment to more than 48,500.  It is estimated that golf in England provides £40.25 million in charitable contributions.

Royal St Georges Open
The English study reveals that tournaments held in England in 2011, including The Open at Royal St George’s, delivered £14 million of commercial benefit.

This report follows closely on the heels of similar research on the economic impact of golf to Scotland and to Europe.  The former, published by KPMG and commissioned by the Scottish Golf Union, VisitScotland and Scottish Enterprise, stated that golf generated total revenues to the value of £1.17billion and made a total gross value added contribution to Scottish Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of £496 million (0.4% of the country’s total economic output) in 2011.  It estimated that approximately one in every 125 jobs in Scotland is dependent on golf; the sport employing over 20,000 people in the country.  Golf tourism was worth £120 million in revenue to the Scottish economy.

The European study, also produced by SMS Inc and previously reported on this website, formed the focus for the 2013 “What is golf? A European success”  exhibition in the European Parliament.  This research, commissioned by a number of stakeholders in European golf led by the Professional Golfers’ Association, reported that golf made a total contribution of £15.1 billion to the European economy in 2011/2012.

These snapshots of golf’s contribution to national and to the European economy demonstrate the value that the sport brings in financial terms; impacting on the lives of many non-golfers who benefit from the revenues generated via employment and service provision.