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Sustainability drives European golf

Governing bodies collaborate in pioneering initiative.

1st July 2014
Working with nature,Golf and your community
Founded in 1937, The EGA represents 44 member countries and their respective national golf federations.  

The European Golf Association (EGA) has announced a new initiative which will support its members, the national governing bodies of golf across Europe, to deliver on golf’s voluntary responsibility for nature, resources and communities.

Support and direction for the initiative is provided by a dedicated Sustainability Working Group (the EGA Sustainable Golf Committee) that brings together a wide representation of national governing bodies, representatives from many other parts of the industry and leading sustainable golf expertise.  The R&A has recognised the importance of the role of the EGA in stimulating activity on sustainability through significant funding of, and representation on, their Sustainable Golf Committee.

Delivered in close partnership with the Golf Environment Organization (GEO), the initiative focuses on working with national federations to help clubs across Europe embrace community integration, resource efficiency, and nature conservation and enhancement.   Clubs are provided with a free, multi-lingual on line planning and recording tool (OnCourse), which also acts as a pathway to golf’s ISEAL-based ecolabel (GEO Certified).  GEO programmes and activities are also the recipient of R&A funding.

The EGA initiative is delivered in partnership with GEO.

The move has been welcomed from both within and outside the golf industry, with EGA President Colin Wood commenting:  “This is the outcome of much positive collaboration amongst member federations, The R&A and other industry associations.”

Richard Heath, General Secretary of the EGA added: “Through this initiative we want to help the game gain recognition for its contribution, while helping it deliver even more, and we are very excited about the part it can play in helping to strengthen the sport in Europe.”

When asked about the EGA’s programme, Richard Holland, Director of WWF’s Market Transformation Initiative, said: “As a multi-billion euro industry it is timely that European golf is taking serious steps to address its impacts. This initiative which aims to create positive benefits for nature and local communities, using credible standards that are embodied in the GEO Certified label, should be welcomed.”