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Be careful out there!

Scottish golfers warned of natural dangers.

14th July 2014
Working with nature
Ticks which feed on human blood can transmit Lyme Disease.  

The Scottish Golf Environment Group (SGEG) has put together a download, ‘Biological hazards on the golf course’, that lists the potential natural threats to a golfer’s well-being when they play Scotland’s golf courses.  Unlike some other countries, Scottish wildlife has a fairly placid reputation – a red squirrel is unlikely to pose the sort of danger that you might come across from lions in Africa or alligators in Florida.  There are, however, a number of risks from Scottish wildlife that the golfer should be aware of and SGEG, a subsidiary of the Scottish Golf Union, has taken the precaution of highlighting these.

Adders mating
Male (black) and female (brown) adders mating.

Tick-borne diseases, venomous snakes, stinging insects and poisonous plants are covered and the publication can be downloaded from the SGEG website here.

Whilst golfers in Scotland need not be too worried, they should take note of the advice being given and this aspect of our natural heritage puts a rather different spin on the need for us to have a respect for wildlife.