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New website focuses on water conservation

The USGA highlights concern for golf and this precious resource.


The R&A states on this website that water is the single largest global environmental issue and that golf courses need to reduce their water use and find alternative sources to potable water for irrigation and machinery maintenance purposes.  Now the United States Golf Association has collated a mass of information on water use, its conservation and solutions to reduce water requirements.

reducing turf
Reducing turf, one of the first options to consider where water is scarce.

A new website  has been launched which brings together videos and articles which cover the economic, playing, environmental and social issues regarding the use of water on golf courses, and provides solutions for those needing to reduce their water use.  These solutions include replacing turf acreage with native, low-water demanding vegetation, utilising turfgrass that need less water, precision irrigation and promoting firmer surfaces stating that “golf is not about the color green”. 

In combination with The R&A’s guidelines on the subject, this resource from the USGA sends out a strong message to those designing and managing golf courses; cut your water consumption!