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Get a free and quick assessment of your course's performance using the R&A’s CourseCheck.

18th March 2013
Assessing progress,CourseTracker

Have you ever wondered how well, or badly, your course is doing when it comes to how it performs?  How do the greens play?  How economic is your approach to course management? How environmentally-friendly are your watering and feeding policies?  Are you energy-efficient?  Do you create more waste than you can deal with?  CourseCheck provides a very quick and free assessment of your courses’ sustainability and gives you a score so that you can go back and see how you are improving as you implement best practice.   CourseCheck will help identify areas of weakness so you can focus on specific areas of guidance from the ‘Managing your course’ and ‘Environmental impact’ sections of this website, to help you produce a better golf course.

Try CourseCheck now and make repeat visits to see what progress you are really making.