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Free CourseTracker monitors, reports and anonymously compares the progress being made by your golf course.


CourseTracker, the new free digital business management tool for golf courses, has been developed by The R&A to help your club become better equipped to deal with the growing economic and environmental challenges facing our industry.

CourseTracker gives you the power to:

  • track and assess course-related revenue streams
  • track and assess course-related expenditure
  • track and assess staff time allocation on the golf course
  • anonymously benchmark your performance
  • successfully plan for the future.

For a time investment of only one hour a year, and using simple information available from your annual balance sheet, CourseTracker will deliver easy to follow charts and reports that will give you a clear indication of how you are currently performing and will enable you to make the best decisions for future operations.  By tracking areas such as income, expenditure and staff time allocation and considering these in light of contextual information such as dominant grasses and climatic constraints, CourseTracker will help you to plan effectively.

As a communication tool for Committees, Boards, Owners and Members, CourseTracker will help you to clearly explain:

  • what you have been doing on the golf course
  • why you have been doing it
  • what the results have been
  • what needs to be done to continue to move forward successfully.

CourseTracker will provide you with the clear, transparent, specific and direct information you need to make the case for how your course needs to be managed; justifying your decisions and supporting your proposals for cost effective and resource efficient management.

CourseTracker can demonstrate the value of agronomic consultancy, showing where savings have been made and revenue increased as a direct result of implementing turf management advice. 

CourseTracker can contribute to the information provision process for acquiring environmental certification and it can be used to determine how much is being spent or saved through the process of obtaining an ecolabel.

CourseTracker is completely free and all entered data is totally secure and confidential. As an added benefit, the tool also enables anonymous in-country comparisons for benchmarking your operation against that of other similar facilities. In these tough economic times, it can be of great benefit to have a good understanding of how you are performing compared to other golf facilities of similar size, resources and structure.

Begin using CourseTracker today.