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Holing Out Test Protocol

The Holing Out Test is a method for assessing the reliability of putting surfaces.

1st July 2000
Holing Out Test Protocol
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When golfers stand over a putt, if they hit it on line and at the right pace they expect to have every chance of holing the putt. Imperfections in the putting surface cannot be avoided but they should rarely be so severe as to deflect the ball from its intended line. The R&A has developed a means of assessing the reliability of a putting green; the Holing Out Test. The Test tries to eliminate as many variables as possible so that the results reflect only the influence of the putting surface or the golfer’s putting stroke on the likelihood of the golfer holing putts. This gives golf clubs and their course managers an easy and affordable way of monitoring the reliability of their putting surfaces throughout the year.

This Protocol describes everything you need to know in order to carry out the Holing Out Test.