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Practical Greenkeeping (3rd Edition) by Jim Arthur and Steve Isaac

An invaluable guide for enthusiasts of traditional golf.

14th September 2012
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Managing for healthy grass,Using water efficiently,Working with nature,Designing your course,Using materials,Managing waste,What golfers’ want,Optimising machinery,Meeting energy needs,Generating income,Golf and your community,Using chemicals responsibly
Third Edition Practical Greenkeeping

Jim Arthur, who died in 2005, was the most famous British agronomists. In Practical Greenkeeping, he reveals how golf courses can flourish by following traditional methods. For any new generation of greenkeepers, Practical Greenkeeping provides an insight into the nuts and bolts of traditional course management. Seasoned golf course managers will be inspired by Jim Arthur championing their cause. Practical Greenkeeping should be required reading for all golfers and members of green committees who seek a greater understanding of what it takes to effectively manage a golf course.