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The Holing Out Test

The R&A 'Holing Out' Test can assess the reliability of a putting green.

3rd November 2011
5min 29secs
Assessing progress,What golfers’ want

When golfers stand over a putt, if they hit it on line and at the right pace they expect to have every chance of holing the putt. Now we have a means of assessing the reliability of a putting green; the ‘Holing Out’ Test, developed by The R&A.

The ‘Holing Out’ Test will identify issues related to foot printing on overly soft surfaces, disease scarring, grass seed head production, seasonal variation in growth and general wear and tear. The Test can also be used to measure the degree and longevity of disruption to the reliability of putting surfaces from intensive maintenance procedures. It can also be used to inform preparation for important tournaments.

This video introduces the ‘Holing Out’ Test and explains how it can help Course Managers get the most out of putting greens.